Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hey There Cupcake Workshop

Special thanks to all my sweet consultants who met the challenge of selling $100 each month for the 2nd quarter of the year and to my wonderful customers who purchased $100 in product for the month of June. I love you all!!

Here are photos of the projects we made (especially for those of you unable to attend). If you have questions, please let me know. We made a 2-page layout and 4 cards. Inside your packets you will find 2 additional patterns, one for a favor box (you'll find two pieces of patterned paper with shapes traced for this box and 2 for the card holder) and you'll find a pattern for a cupcake card holder. That pattern on the front will hold 3x3 cards but since we made standard sized cards, I enlarged it for you to fit them. You'll also find a blue paper bag to complete your card holder. Again, any questions, call me at 801-942-3645 or email me!

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